Created To Inspire

For years I have wanted my very own website but always resulted in using other networks like Tumblr. Don't get me wrong I love Tumblr and have been using it since 2012 (here is my first post, lol! ) but I wanted to create something on my own where I could share my own experiences in hopes to inspire and motivate others. 

I guess one thing that held me back was the fact that I have never been a keen writer, in fact writing scares the shit out of me, but what I do love is creating content to inspire others.

Another thing I love is to challenge myself and I am a huge advocate for self-development.

Personally I think writing is incredibly therapeutic and I think the great thing about a blog is that it is like a public diaryβ€” you can share your progress in your photography over the years, and make that process transparent. You can share your photos, share the storiesβ€” and do it for your own uses.

I see myself as someone who is highly driven and motivated to succeed and through my own words and photographs, I hope I can inspire and encourage others to reach their goals.

I've got a lot of exciting things planned for stay driven, so stay tuned!