RWB Waikato

I think it is clear to see from the image below that if I had to choose between New Zealand's first and second RWB, I'd choose the first one....

Don't get me wrong, I love them both but I think the first one is more my style and after watching Nakai-san spend two short days building it and hearing the owners story, I definitely resonated with it.

Named "Waikato" after the beautiful region of the north island in New Zealand (also happens to be the name of beer that Nakai-san liked whilst in New Zealand), this RWB Porsche 964 has my name all over it! It's also the second car that Nakai-san has named after a beer, the first being Stella Artois which is my favourite RWB, so I thought that was cool!

As silly as it sounds, I am not afraid to admit that the second I got to spend some alone time inside this car, I instantly got tears in my eyes, just like I did when I first encountered "Rough Rhythm"  in Japan last year (that was the first time seeing an RWB in person).

Being able to sit behind the wheel of this thing meant a lot to me. A few years ago, I would have never envisioned to be in this position today and to be able to travel with RWB to capture their builds and then share it with you all is just mind-blowing - I feel very lucky.

When I sat behind the wheel, I began to dream about having my own RWB one day and the feeling was indescribable. Imagine owning one of Nakai-sans creations....

I used to think, surely I would never own one because I'd never be able to afford it, but after spending some alone time behind the wheel I thought you know what, screw that I'm going to make it happen and start saving now!

Surely if I stay driven and determined, I can reach that end goal and if I do, I think I may need a booster seat because I could barely see over the steering wheel lol!

I've honestly never felt so many emotions when sitting behind the wheel of a car before and to top it off, I even got to drive it! Well, only to move it for a photoshoot, but still! 

Have you ever felt these emotions when sitting behind the wheel of a car? Comment on my Instagram, Tumblr or even Snapchat me, I'm keen to know!