Sydney Eats: Bare Grill & Cafe

The quest to find the best burger joint in Sydney began a few months ago, when Gus (a local Zen contributor) and I ventured over to La Parouse one Sunday afternoon. We had both been salivating over various burger posts on Instagram for weeks now and finally decided that it was time to stuff ourselves silly.

Our first mission: Bare Grill & Cafe

Stay Driven - Photo by Gus Medero

Stay Driven - Photo by Gus Medero

After hearing nothing but good things about Bare Grill and being impressed with their reviews, in particular this one by @sydneyfoodslut, we messaged the guys on Facebook to confirm that they were open as most burger joints aren't open on Sunday's - what's up with that btw? Once we got a response, we hopped in the skyline and began our burger hunting expedition.

Stay Driven Sticker in Japanese Stay Driven Japanese Stickers 

But then disaster struck us and our burger hopes and dreams were shattered...

We drove all the way to La Parouse from Manly to find out that they had just sold out of burgers! What the hell? This place must make some damn good burgers! 

We were pretty bummed at the time but at least the drive over was nice! (Minus the fact we ended up going to Moo Burger which was super average - I think we have become quite the burger snobs #insertinformationdeskladyemoji)

After having to wait weeks until I returned from New Zealand, we finally decided to head back over one quiet Monday afternoon to complete our burger hunting mission. Surely it was going to be worth the wait.

As we walked into the joint the super friendly owners immediately remembered us. "You're that pair from Manly? The burgers are on the house!" 

What legends! :O :) :D

With the wait finally over and our bellies hungry, we ordered straight away. Let's just say things got messy reeaaal fast, and I soon began to regret wearing a white shirt!

I got the "Bare Grill" burger and Gus got the "Big Bare" burger.

I got the "Bare Grill" burger and Gus got the "Big Bare" burger.

Despite messy fingers and getting their delicious home made sauce all over my brand new Import Bible top,  the burgers were f'ing amazing and the patties were sooo juicy. Yep! It was well worth the wait!


And that's a big call! Bare Grill, you have set the bar high!

Skyline <3 How cool does the sky look!

Skyline <3 How cool does the sky look!

Once we finished stuffing ourselves silly and could barely function due to a severe food coma, we decided to take some photos around La Parouse. (BTW how cool is the top I'm wearing! It features a Supra from Melbourne on the back)

After taking some shots of the skyline, we walked down to Bare Island. Bare Island is a notable Sydney site for a few reasons. It is the only island in Botany Bay and it's also home to a historically significant fort that was built in 1885 to protect the area from an expected Russian invasion. 

It also makes a cool location for photos. The textures from all the rocks are really captivating and the view of the bay is unreal.

Under the bridge at Bare Island - Photo by Gus Medero

Under the bridge at Bare Island - Photo by Gus Medero


Once we took 213784t623645b photos and walked off the burgers to buy ice cream, we called it a day and headed back to Manly.

My new favourite photo that Gus took of me driving through the toll booths in Sydney.

But is the quest over? I hope not because there are so many burger joints I want to try and I think Bar Luca is up next! 

Stay driven until the next burger hunting mission.