What I Use To Clean My R34

With all the road trips I do and the fact that I drive my R34 every day, it becomes dirty quite quickly, which kinda sucks as I have to wash it almost every week. Pro-tip: Never buy a black car! So to make the process more enjoyable, I like to try new cleaning products to see what works best for my car, and since I often get asked which products I use, I thought I would put together a post about it! 

After being disappointed with the products I was using prior ( unsure if I should name and shame Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― ) I decided to make the switch to Adam's Polishes

I'm not going to give an in depth step-by-step guide as to how I wash my car because nobody has time for that and I want to keep this short and sweet... So I will quickly mention what I use to give my car a basic wash.

The first step I take is doing the obvious which is filling up the bucket with water whilst adding a few squirts from the blue bottle of Car Shampoo.  This stuff smells like candy! It's sooooOo good! I had heard that this particular product was renowned for having the foamiest formulation and they weren't wrong! My bucket always stays full of thick suds throughout the entire wash!

Once I've given the car a good wash and hose down, I then use the pink bottle of Detail Spray to spray over my car whilst it is still wet. This stuff extends protection and enhances gloss, depth and shine. I then dry it with the white microfibre towel. Prior to this I was using a synthetic chamois that never really did the job and TBH I had never used a microfibre towel to dry my car until recently. Let's just say I will never use a chamois again!

Once my car is nice and dry, and I stop taking photos on Snapchat, I then move on to my wheels. I really take pride in caring for my TE37SL's (had them for almost 4 years and they are still in mint condition) and I like to use premium products, so I recently bought the Adam's Polishes Wheel Cleaner after a friend recommended it to me. The spray actually removes all brake dust and changes colour each time you spray it which is cool!

After I have finished with the spray, I simply hose it down with a gentle brush, but I am intrigued to try the Adam's Angled Wheel Woolies next time to see how it works. Then I dry the wheels with a cloth and pop a bit of tyre shine on and my car is good to go!

There is nothing worse than spending hours washing your car to find that it still looks dirty - trust me it has happened to me countless times! :(
But ever since I made the switch to Adam's Polishes I have been incredibly happy with the result. Not only does my paint shine brilliantly after each wash, but it stays clean for longer too!

I think next time I will give detailing a go! Let me know in the comments below if you use any of these products or if you have any tips!


BTW I managed to score a special discount code for my viewers! Simply enter the code ' STAYDRIVEN ' when making your next purchase from Adam's Polishes Australia. The discount also applies on the US website too! YAYAYA!