New R34 T-Shirts

My new R34 T-shirts that I designed are finally here and I am so happy with how they turned out! The car illustration was created by Callum Taylor -(the same guy who did the cool cartoon style sticker of my skyline) and for those who were following along on my Snapchat, you would have caught a glimpse of me unboxing them and seeing them for the first time - I was so excited haha! It is such a crazy feeling seeing your designs come to life.

My personal style has a very minimalist/monochromatic approach to it - even when I am designing interiors and as such I decided to make the front of the shirts quite basic, with a mini print of my Skyline. And instead of having my car black, I decided to transform it white as I really wanted my new shirts to be dark grey, since that is one of my favourite colours to wear. The back then features a larger image of my car with the words 'Stay Driven' and 'It's the fuel that keeps us going'. 

I only got a few of these T-shirts made, which means they are limited edition so be quick if you want to grab one! Each one will also come with a special print of my R34 + a little thank you card. I hope you like them and I can't wait to see you guys rocking them at events!