RWB Australia Build #2 Part 2

With Day 1 of the Melbourne trip complete, it was finally time for Nakai-san's arrival.

We had an hour or so to kill before the master was due to arrive, so I took a look around the Automobilia workshop and took about 2381476 photos of all the cool wheels on display. Not only did the workshop house Charle's 993 Porsche, but it also housed his white R35 GTR and Ray's awesome collection; including a 1999 EK Civic, a 2002 E46 M3, a 2008 E92 M3 and a 1989 E30, which I will be featuring in an upcoming post.

There is something so timeless about the designs in the above wheels and I'd love to one day own a set of BBS LM's or VS-XX's. I just need to acquire another car :p

Before the hustle and bustle began, Nakai-san's brown, leather chair sat empty as we all waited patiently for him to walk through the doors... 

After ensuring everything was in place, we heard the roller door creep up and in popped Charles carrying Nakai-san's tool case with Nakai-san following close behind.

Within minutes, the man with few words got straight to work. From my previous build experiences, I have learnt that Nakai-san is a man who is always focused and is so dedicated to his work that he will only stop to take a quick ciggie break and even when he does take a break he stares into his creation, whilst thinking of ways and possibilities to further perfect his work. 

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, but it is so incredible to view these RWB builds in person, words can truly not describe it, which is why I tried to share it with you all via my Snapchat. The overall atmosphere is filled with positive vibes and being able to observe the bond between Nakai-san and each owner is beyond captivating. A connection I hope to one day experience for myself.

And although I am not the best with videoing and I didn't have my tripod, I did manage to capture this short clip of Nakai-san and Charles working together. 

Nakai-san is usually a one man team but he always ensures that the owner of the car gets involved with the builds by doing tasks like collecting tools, tightening up bolts and nuts, fixing-up wheels and holding the parts for one another.

One of the best things about these builds is that it brings the RWB Family all together again and as Aaron Mai from RWB NZ says: "He has united thousands of people from all corners of the world, has allowed people to cross paths, make memories, and most importantly form new friendships..."

I think I managed to take more photos of the people at the build creating memories and laughing with one another, than that of the actual car...

Just about every smoke break, Nakai-san was given something to sign and here he is signing Pavee's awesome sketch of Waikato. One may think that this may annoy and disrupt his concentration at times, but usually he is more than willing to sign things as long as it is not a constant intrusion.

I then asked him to sign my Duck and Whale Magazine, which features my RWB NZ photos, and then gave him a copy to take back to Japan with him.

I also gave him one of my Stay Driven T-shirts :p

And here is Christian from RWB Seattle signing my Duck and Whale Magazine and No Equal Magazine which I am featured in.

After signing a few items, Nakai-san got right back to working on the car.

And within the first 48 hours, the build came to somewhat of an end which was evident when the owner, together with Nakai-san pulled off the protective layer of the RAUH-Welt windshield banner. We then later discovered that the name of the car would be 'Chigiri' which means 'The Promise'.

Stay tuned for Part 3 and pictures of the finished car!