Shooting The New Porsche 991.2

This morning I had the opportunity to shoot the new Porsche 991.2 down by Sydney Harbour.  

I met the owner at the Porsches & Coffee meet last weekend, and he asked me if I could take some photos of his agate grey beauty which he picked up a couple of months ago.

I decided to head to the location a little early so I could get some nice photos of the skyline, before all the crowds arrived. 

BTW for those that keep asking, the 滞在ドリブン stickers will be re-stocked this week! They will also come in a limited edition gold sparkle finish :)

It's all in the details. I wish my key looked like this!

After shooting the Porsche at the first location, we went for a quick drive down to McMahon's Point. 

This thing sounds so good spooling!

I always fall in love with cars that have alcantara interiors! It makes the car feel extra luxurious. Which reminds me I am actually wanting to get something made for Stay Driven in that finish, hmmmm.

Spot the baby on board sign! At least the kid would never be late for school!

After spending the morning by the harbour, I wrapped up the shoot and headed home so I could get a start on editing all the photos. Hope you guys like them!