What Drives You? Likewise 86



The one car that really caught my eye at the World Time Attack Challenge, was the We Are Likewise Toyota 86 owned by Jordan and Ben. The boys brought the car all the way down to Sydney from Queensland, and had it on display during the 2 day event. And for those who were following along on Snapchat at the time, you would have heard just how crazy loud this thing was. After learning how they transformed the car in just 6 months, and being inspired by their story and the products they make, it seemed fitting to feature the car for my 'What Drives You?' series...


We’ve had our 86 for just over 6 months now. We bought it completely standard from a kind, old lady in Melbourne who was a little shocked when we told her that we would be modifying “such a lovely car”. It was a slippery slope from the first day we picked it up.

We started with a set of 326 Power Coilovers and a PBM big angle kit for maximum adjustability and steering lock. The rear subframe and diff were raised to improve axle geometry when lowered. Then came the replacement of all the standard arms with 326 Power goodies.

To fit the wheels we wanted, we opted for a widebody kit and were lucky enough to get the first Aimgain x Stancenation kit in Australia. Under the kit we added a set of custom-coloured Work Emotion CR2P, and behind those a 326 Power Big Brake Kit.

A full Tomei exhaust with custom tips by @ash_coe added the final touches. 

On the inside, we added a half cage, pair of red Bride Zeta 3s and some black Takata Drift III harnesses.

We finished with a few hints of carbon fibre including a Varis Japan bonnet, Craft Square mirrors, and APR brake duct inlets. 


Making the best and most unique products that people want to use in their builds. We like our products to reflect our own personalities and put a smile on the face of anyone who sees them.

We love to go against the grain and do what we think is cool, rather than what everyone else is doing. We believe that this difference makes us who we are as a brand.


Everyone who represents our products and supports our brand. These people inspire us to always push ourselves and better our brand on a daily basis. We never want the evolution of our brand to slow down, and it’s our supporters who allow us to do this. That’s inspiring for us on a daily basis.


Now that we’re mostly happy with the visuals, we’re moving straight into an engine swap. Follow us at @wearelikewise and @likewisegarage to keep up!