What Drives You? HH00NN's Widebody R34



I've been wanting to shoot Matty Gava (AKA HH00NN)'s widebody R34 since WTAC last year, but we were both always too busy or travelling around the world. After learning that we both had a Sunday afternoon free, we finally decided to make it happen and the plan was to head out to my favourite industrial location, just 45 minutes from home.

I picked up Gus along the way as he was keen to also take some photos and we then met up with Matty at around 3pm after he sent me this photo on Snapchat - imagine doing this every day! I was so excited to finally be able to take photos of his car, that when I pulled out my camera, I discovered that I forgot the most important thing.... my SD card!! As you could imagine, I was fuming and to make matters worse, my spare SD card was in my other camera bag! Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Luckily, there was an Aldi store nearby where I was able to purchase a new card and capture the following photos... 

Like my R34, this one started out as a rare N/A GTV model. However, Matty decided to take his down a different path.... 

After owning the car for almost 8 years, it has had quite the transformation and I was intrigued to learn more about his journey with the R34. No matter how many times the car has been defected and taken off the road, Matty has managed to Stay Driven so it seemed fitting to feature him for my 'What Drives You?' series.


I've had my R34 GTT for almost 8 years now and back when I first bought it, it was an N/A GTV. The majority of the work was done by myself or the boys at Advance Motor Mechanics, and all the bodywork was done by Peter at Bodyform. The longest it was off the road was when it was at Bodyform, as we kept changing our minds on what we were going to do. The car currently makes 340kw at the wheels on E85 with 23psi. It has a Garrett 3076 turbo, Plasmaman Plenum, Tial 44mm external waster, and a Haltech Platinum 2000 on a Flex 85 tune.


I love fact that the car looks stupid on the road, nothing motivates me more than people telling me I can't do something or that it won't work. Even on the first day the car was back on the road, it was defected. But that only made me want to drive it more.


The build was mostly inspired by the crazy builds in the States. So I got way too carried away and bought wheels that were way too big for the car. (Fronts 18x10.5 +12; Rear 18x12 -20) So I only really had two options, sell the wheels, or go widebody.

There is no doubt that Matty's widebody R34 is pretty damn cool, and I love the wingless look! For those attending the World Time Attack Challenge this year, be sure to check it out in person!


bts photos by gus medero