WTAC Meet & Greet

During the World Time Attack Challenge, I held a mini pop-up at the Zen Garage stand. It was my first time selling my merchandise at an event, and it was such a great experience as I got to learn how everything works, and I got meet a lot of you guys!

STAY DERP Photo by @_qualitycontrol

This was something I had never done before, but I am always up for a challenge, and there is no better feeling than accomplishing something new, all on your own.  And so, the night before I counted and packed all my merchandise, and hoped for the best.

When I got to the event, I carried all my stock and set up my stuff at the Zen stand. 

I then laid out my Stay Driven stickers that I placed on a sheet of glass, and put my T-shirts on display. You guys seemed to love the sparkly stickers BTW! They're definitely my favourite :)

I then announced on my Snapchat that I was at the Zen stand, and you guys started sending me the below photos.

I loved all the snaps I got of you guys spotting my stuff! Such a cool feeling to see my brand out there, and it was so nice to meet you all! If I were to rewind the clock a few months back, I certainly would not have had the confidence to do what I did during the event, but ever since I have stopped worrying about what other people think, life has become so much easier, and I have finally been able to get shit done, and chase my dreams.

A huge thanks to the fam at Zen Garage, especially Justin for allowing me to do my thing, and Cords and Kristi for your help whilst at the Zen stand! Also a big thanks to Gus from @_qualitycontrol and Alex from Happiness By The Kilowats for taking the BTS photos!

With the Drift King! Photo by HBTK.

No more photos pls.