A Visit To Gosford Car Museum

I've been meaning to head up the coast to check out the Gosford Classic Car Museum for months now, and I finally had a Sunday free to go check it out. Since it was Dad's birthday a couple days prior, I asked him to come along with me. We left the skyline at home and took the A45 out for the day, and decided to hit the road early to miss all the traffic.


It took about an hour to reach Gosford from the Northern Beaches, and we arrived nice and early which was perfect because I wanted to run around the museum and take as many photos as I could before the mass crowds arrived.

Upon entering the museum, I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed by the diverse range of cars that were on display before me. I didn't know where to start or what to look at! But one thing that first caught my eye was this neat Porsche artwork sitting behind the friendly staff at the front reception, (I think I need to get one for the office) and then as I turned my head, I was instantly greeted with this stunning blue 1965 Ford GT40. Talk about an impressive entrance, and I love how the polished floors provide the most incredible reflections of the car and bike.

Gosford Classic Car Museum is one of the top 5 largest car museums in the world, and the largest in Australia! The entire collection of cars (around 450) is housed in an old Bunnings warehouse, covering an expanse of more than 11,000 square metres! You could easily spend the entire day here and not get bored. I mean how could anyone get bored in a car museum?

Each section is grouped by category and it's safe to say that I spent majority of my time around the Porsches. In particular, the 2004 Carrera GT.

How rad are all the neon signs?

The entire collection of cars is owned by Tony Denny, who decided to invest in his passion and create a museum so that others could appreciate the automotive world he loves so much. Talk about goals, right? 

As I made my way around the museum, I had my first encounter with a La Ferrari! The one car that I was super excited to see.

And I was very fortunate enough to have access beyond the red ropes, to get up close and personal with it. I couldn't believe that I was standing next to a $5 million dollar car, and now I can't stop dreaming of being able to take photos of it at a cool industrial location (also secretly dreaming of going for a ride in it!)

I spent over 2 or so hours walking around the museum, and was in absolute awe! I was slightly disappointed however, that they did not have any R34's! :P

I wish I could have captured all of the cars for you guys, but I think I would have had to spend the entire day or even night there! Could you imagine having a sleepover with $75 million dollars worth of cars? I should have hidden in the back of a car somewhere :P

As it came time to sadly leave the museum, I noticed how packed the place was getting, (PRO TIP: Arrive at 9am so you can run around and take photos without the crowds) and as I made my way outside, I spotted this stunning white GT3RS, 675LT and 700-4 bathing in the sun. Would love to do a proper shoot with them one day, especially with that Aventador!

Whether you’re a collector, an enthusiast, an automotive photographer or just a car nut like myself, Gosford Classic Car Museum is definitely a place worth checking out. With so many vehicles under one roof, they have something everyone can get excited about, so if you're from the area or visiting Sydney, definitely add this museum to the top of your list! And let me know if you end up visiting!

A huge thanks to Robert, Murray and Kim from GCCM for looking after us!