Canyon Drives w/ 3 Aussies

When I got a message on IG to say that my 2 mates from Australia were in LA with a car ready to pick me to hit the canyons, I was so f'ing excited because firstly I hadn't hung out with any Aussies in months, and secondly I hadn't been through the famous Angeles National Forest since being here, so I was dying to check it out.

Brothers Sergio and Claudio picked me up from Newport where we then headed straight towards the mountains. It was so nice to be able to catch up with them, and laugh at all the dumb shit we used to do back in Australia. 
During our drive we stopped at the Newcombs Ranch to grab a bite, then we stumbled across Derek and his insane 911.

Anyways, enough writing for now! I'll let the photos below do the talking :)