El Chapo Bagged Mercedes Benz S63

After the annual Luftgekult event at the port of Los Angeles (hands down probably the best event I've been to in a very long time) Trevor and I went location scouting so we could shoot @calisoulla's bagged Mercedes Benz S63 AMG. A quick drive around Long Beach, and we stumbled across this quiet port which provided the perfect location for the S class. 

Whilst Trevor ran around with the ronin creating content for the video which is at the end of this post, I ran around taking photos. Thankfully it had just stopped raining, so it helped to create a moody atmosphere, evident in the video Trevor made along with the boisterous exhaust which was completed by Boden Autohaus. Although I wasn't too fond on the black and gold Rotiform WLD wheels at first, they have now grown on me, and I think they really suit the S63 perfectly, especially since it has a special 24ct gold plate frame on the rear of the car.

I think the guys at Boden have made this particular Mercedes the ultimate boss car. Who else agrees?!