Big Bear Adventures in a GTi

Road trips are always a fun way to spend some time away from home and to allow yourself to refresh the mind. 

It can be easy to get caught up with all the negativity these days, but jumping in your car and going on a road trip with friends can instantly shift your mood.

I’m constantly seeking new adventures as they always put me in a positive mind space, so last Saturday Trevor, Alex, Jack and I woke up early and hungry for a new adventure. 

With 5 options to choose from and some very indecisive humans, (we were originally going to go to Salton Sea) we decided to let Italia choose where we were going to go for the day. 

She picked Big Bear Lake, so that's where we headed after quickly grabbing brunch at Babette's.


There is something so invigorating about exploring the unknown, and not knowing what is around the corner that intrigues me and opens my mind to new possibilities. 

I had never been to Big Bear, but was so excited to see what the town had to offer, and our housemate Alex was kind enough to drive us all there in his GTi.


We made it to Big Bear around midday and drove around the lake, hunting for hidden dirt roads that were waiting for us to explore.

Alex was adamant to get his GTi filthy, so we went down multiple dirt roads before ending back by the lake to take more photos and to use the drone.


The location was beyond beautiful, and it kind of reminded me of Lake Tahoe!


BTW how good are Alex's number plates?!

Being out at Big Bear reminded me that we all need an outlet. An escape that allows us to clear our minds on a regular basis. For me that is going on a road trip with friends. I've come to realize that it’s one of the greatest rewards of travel and aids in self-development. 

Not only are you actively seeing for yourself places and cultures you may only have seen in pictures on Instagram or in your favourite magazines, but when you’re on the road exploring new locations, you’re building a myriad of memories that will last a lifetime. The joys of such adventures help you discover things about yourself that you may never have realized from the comfort of your home.


After spending the day out at Big Bear exploring the unknown, it left me hungry for more adventures. Especially with our dog Italia, she was a trooper!

Now the question is... where should we go to next?!

BTW if you're ever at Big Bear and after some good food, make sure you stop at Oakside! The 'Butcher Shop' pizza is so fucking gooooood!