Boden Autohaus Shop Tour

Hidden within Southern California, Boden Autohaus has become my favorite place to hang out. So much so that I'm practically there every day with my laptop and camera, and thought it was time to give you all a quick shop tour before they pack everything up and move to a larger facility.

And a larger facility is well overdue as this tiny work shop is constantly overflowing with cars.

It's been 3 years since Boden first opened their doors, and they have already made a huge impact in the automotive scene, working on some of the most insane builds.

From the Bape Huracan and bagged S63 that I shot last time I was here, to the 488 GTB (a personal favorite of mine) each car has been executed so well. And they don't just work on supercars too, they did all the work on Garrett's E30, they just finished work on Ryan Sheckler's Raptor and they're currently working on a Buick Grand National which I hope to feature once it is complete!


And as you can see by the following photos, it's a full house and the boys are looking forward to moving to a larger space.

I'll be sharing more photos of the new place + some shots of the people who work there once we have settled in, so stay tuned for that! But for now you can keep up to date and see all the BTS by following along on my Snapchat or IG stories.


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