Cali Dreams

After arriving back in LA from Sydney, I headed straight to Boden Autohaus to catch up with everyone, and to check out my new stickers that I've been dying to see! I'm so happy with how they turned out, and after signing a bunch of the stickers, and preparing all the orders, Trevor and I then did a quick shoot with two of the shop cars. First we shot an arctic camo E30 M3 that now has refinished wheels, and custom painted brake calipers, then we shot Danny's Ferrari.

I had previously shot this 488 GTB last time I was here, but it had a set of dark red Rotiform's which I didn't fancy too much + anything with dark wheels is a bitch to shoot. Thankfully, it is now rocking a nice set of brushed gold P204 HRE's which in my opinion looks amazing. Does anyone else agree?


BTW you can now get your hands on these glitter edition stickers via my online store! I'll be signing each one before they go out :)

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