Crystal Cove Christmas

Where has this year gone!?

 I cannot believe that I am about to spend my first ever Christmas here in the states. It feels like just yesterday that I was celebrating a Summer Christmas with my family down at Queensie beach in Australia.

Whilst I won't be frolicking in the water this Christmas since it's Winter in Orange County, I can at least enjoy the beach from the dry land. And since Trevor and I have been needing some time to just relax and take in how far we have come this year, we decided to have a cute picnic by the water at Crystal Cove.


First we headed to Babette's to grab some takeaway goods. 

I was craving a strawberry smoothie (which I smashed in 2 minutes - so yummy) and of course, I had to get some freshly pressed juices so I could have them after yoga the next morning.


We then walked across the road from Babette's and headed towards the water.

They had this super cute Christmas tree right on the beach which I thought was really nice. So many people were taking photos with it haha. I love how festive everyone gets in the US!

After we took some photos, we sat down to enjoy our bag of goodies. BTW that tofu wrap is urghhhhh amazing! We also got a few other nibblies to snack on whilst we watched the sun setting into the horizon.


As Trevor took some drone shots of Crystal Cove from above, I stood by the water to shoot the sunset...

And it was, without a doubt, the most beautiful sunset that we have ever watched together. We were in absolute awe at how vast the colors in the sky were changing. Could you imagine if the entire day was lit like this?!

Forever dreaming of more moments like this x