What if you could get behind the wheel and drive towards your dreams?

That’s the question that inspired the latest FUEL THE PASSION collection.

It's been a long and stressful period as I transition over to the US but I'm excited to finally be releasing the next lot of Stay Driven merch. 

Whilst I wanted to release it earlier on in the year (who knew moving to another country was so chaotic) I also wanted to ensure that I found a good supplier and I also wanted to introduce woven tags, which meant there was a lot of back and forth before I was 100% happy with everything.


I have a lot more items coming soon, but with the big move and working full time, I decided to start off small by releasing the tops first, followed by the hoodies in the next coming months (and a few other surprises too!)

It was always a dream of mine from the start to have something specifically made for the ladies, which is why this new collection not only features a unisex range, but it also features women's cropped tops and hoodies.

This whole process has been a huge learning curve for me, from finding local US suppliers to get a million samples made, but I'm so stoked with how everything has turned out, and I can't wait to show you all what's coming.


I hope you enjoy this first release and as always, a huge thank you for your on-going support.

I really am grateful.

Also, a special thanks to Trevor, Natalie and Fernan for being a part of my first ever US lookbook!