Road Trip to Joshua Tree in a G63

I had always dreamed of exploring desert roads with a G wagon, and this past weekend my dreams finally became a reality.

The plan was to take Boden's latest creation, a widebody Brabus G63 out to Joshua Tree for some proper testing.

With no service out in the desert, it allowed Trevor and I to focus on what we do best. Creating epic content.


We arrived late lunch after driving 2 hours from Newport, and had a couple hours to kill before meeting up with Taylor and his two friends, Jordon and Lucas.

And with the insane heat (it was over 40 degrees Celsius) it called for a brief wardrobe change into my new outfit from Publish Brand πŸ™ˆ Let's just say it got pretty hot out in the desert!

After driving around all afternoon scouting various locations whilst trying to escape the heat (BTW I love how G wagons have cooled seating, so good for Summer!) we headed into the National Park before meeting up with Taylor and his crew.

Trevor and I had been meaning to collab with Taylor for quite some time now, so it was cool to finally link up, and get creative together.

I'm a firm believer in surrounding yourself with people that better you as a person and push your boundaries. 

The same goes for your work as a photographer. I find myself constantly being pushed to improve as I see my friends and people I follow on IG post new work on a daily basis. It's probably what drives me the most and inspires me to get out each day and create cool content. 

Since it was our first time to Joshua Tree, we didn't know where to go or what to expect (other than seeing a lot of trees) but Taylor had been quite a few times, so he showed us all the go to spots before the sun started to dip beyond the mountains.

I think the key to growing as an artist is to always collaborate with others and bounce ideas off one another. Even as a landscape or travel photographer, you can improve by traveling with other photographers or bloggers, and a simple road trip is a good way to do this.

Having like minded people around you that are heading towards a common goal of creating incredible work is important when fuelling your creative process. Throughout the entire road trip everyone was bouncing ideas off one another, and without Taylor we probably would have missed this incredible spot for the sunset. 


The lighting was perfect, and the G wagon looked good from every angle. 

And a road trip wouldn't be complete without acting like fools along the way. Because life is too short to stay serious.

As we started to lose light, we ran around creating the last bit of content (stay tuned for a video soon) before driving further with the G wagon to a spot where the boys could shoot with the stars.

And as midnight fast approached us, we decided to hop back in the car and head home towards the beaches.


The best part of the trip was being able to share each moment with my boyfriend whilst creating content that we will never forget.

I can't wait to see where the road will take us next!


A special thanks to the crew below for making the trip amazing! Make sure you check out their accounts to see the content we created from the trip!