Garage Goals: A Look Inside Tenn's Home

Located in Bangkok, Thailand and designed by BHX Architects, Tenn's home is the epitome of garage goals.

I've been following @tennster on Instagram for quite some time now, and his home is without a doubt my favourite. Every post he uploads of his garage, I instantly screenshot it feeling super envious, but at the same time I feel motivated to work harder, and to stay driven.

And with my content creation and social media managing role at The Interior Design Institute, I am constantly sourcing architecture and interior design content from all over the world. I've featured an abundance of homes, but none have left me so captivated than Tenn's home, so I decided to ask if he'd be happy for me to do an exclusive feature and share some images of his home with you all.

Though there's a lot to like about his home... the clean lines, modern design, and the collection of cars... I think the coolest part about it is the car lift (video here), and the view from the living room! 

Hope you guys enjoy the exclusive inside look of @tennster's home! Surely I am not the only one who is drooling right now!?

A huge thank you to Tenn for supplying the images, and allowing me to share his home with you all!