How To Stay Present

One of my favorite things to do is to wake up before the sunrise, before the streets and beaches get crowded, and spend a few moments to myself.


A few weekends ago I went down to Crystal Cove in Southern California to watch the sunrise and began to reflect on how far I have come this year. I mean I have literally travelled across the world!

Often times we forget to take a breather and to just be present in the moment. It's been a huge journey for me with a lot of ups and downs, and along the way I have had to constantly remind myself to live in the present moment, and to not stress about what has happened and what is to come.

What happened in the past is now over; done and dusted. It’s concrete and unchangeable. I think there is far too little forgetting in our society. And the future, that so many of us try to meticulously plan, hardly ever turns out the way we predict.

So why spend so much time absent-minded in these mental worlds, when all of life’s greatest experiences will only ever happen to you in this very moment. 

Right here, right now.



This moment, that you are reading this article, is the present moment, which is really an eternity. To practise being more present, keep your awareness focused on what you are doing in every moment that you care to experience more fully. Notice your posture, notice your breathing. Are you calm?

Practice makes perfect.

When your mind wanders, re-connect with the sensations and sounds and awareness of what you are doing right now. Notice that it will make food taste better, conversations more meaningful and your day more fulfilling.



I hope these quick tips help you in some way... Click on the below links if you'd like to stay reading.