LA EATS: Kit Coffee

So I'm finally back in the US after a long 14 hour flight, followed by a gruelling 3 hours in customs. Long story short... they went through all my personal items, my messages, my emails, my statements, everything and I was so close to not being allowed in, but thankfully I'm in for another 2 months :)

As soon as I landed, Trevor picked me up (I cried lol) and we went and grabbed brunch at Cafe Gratitude, then went and shot an E30 and 488 from Boden Autohaus during the sunset (full photoset coming soon). And since my stomach has been super good lately and I've had an appetite and been able to enjoy food, we went and checked out Kit Coffee which is right next door to Cafe Gratitude. I was craving the same meal that I got last time that I went there, the fluffy scrambled eggs on toast (photos below), so I got that, and Trevor got the fried egg sandwich.

If you're ever in Newport/Costa Mesa... you have to check this place out! The interior is amazing, the food is amazing, and I'd say their coffee is amazing too but I've never had coffee before! πŸ˜πŸ™…πŸΌ



BTW I am wearing the Clark / Matte Havana glasses by Baxter Blue in this photo. I've been using these non-prescription glasses for the past couple of weeks as I'm always in front of the computer πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’» and surprised at how much of a difference they have made. Not only do the glasses block out the harmful blue lights, but they've been reducing my headaches and stress levels completely + they make you look smart !

Use the discount code 'STAYPROTECTED2018' for 10% off! πŸ€“