LA EATS: Provenance

Located within a hidden gem tucked away in Newport Beach’s Eastbluff Village Center, Provenance is my new favorite go to place to work remotely from. Not only does the place have the cutest little garden out the back but they also do the yummiest Napa inspired dishes!

Chef Cathy manages to satiate both comfort and curiosity with a menu that showcases fresh, flavorful ingredients, many of which are grown at the restaurant’s own 1,300-square-foot organic raised-bed garden.


It was my second time visiting Provenance and I couldn't wait to explore more of their menu - especially when I saw that they had New Zealand Crispy Sole!

After running around all morning, and finishing up a hot strength class at Ra Yoga, I was feeling slightly dehydrated, so first up I ordered a Pomegranate Green Tea and a Triple Berry Soda which tasted ahhhhhmazing!


I then paired my juices with the Salmon California Bibimbap Bowl which came with two side sauces. I can't do the whole spicey sauce thang, so I left that one out. Same with the red onions and brussel sprouts. Never been a fan. The rest of the dish was really nice and I loved that it had roasted pumpkin and carrots on the side too. 

Since I had been eyeing the New Zealand Crispy Sole Burger after stalking their menu all week long, I made sure I had room in my belly to get that too. Maybe it was the fact that it was a Kiwi fish (I'm half Kiwi and half Aussie) that drew me to it or the fact that I couldn't find any photos of it online, but I was desperate to see what it looked and tasted like. 


And when Chef Cathy personally brought the dish out to me, and I got a glimpse at what I was about to eat, I knew I was in for a real treat!

The Crispy NZ Sole Burger was so scrumptious and I loved the red curry tartar sauce, but surprising the side soup was probably my favorite dish of the day! It was a creamy spinach soup that tasted like heaven! I even shamelessly dipped my burger into it at the end!


Another item on the menu that I kept eyeing off was the Wild Ahi Salad. I saw someone across from me order it, and it looked so colorful! I think I'll get that next time, along with another side soup :P 

The quality of produce and the presentation of each dish served at Provenance is amazing, and the fact that Chef Cathy (who is also the owner!) is so heavily involved in the restaurant is really nice to see. I can't wait to take Trevor back there for a cute dinner date soon!