LA EATS: Vitaly Caffe

So I've been to a lot of great restaurants and cafes whilst travelling in the US, and I thought it was time to start sharing them more on my blog...

Because who doesn't love food, right!? 🙋🏼🍕🙏

After discovering The Camp on Friday whilst scrolling through Instagram, I was amazed that this hidden gem was just 10 minutes from home, and just around the corner from Boden Autohaus.

How did I not know about this place sooner!?!?!

The Camp is essentially a trendy, cool hangout destination with various cafes and shops sort of similar to Glebe Markets and The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney, and without a doubt it's my new favourite place. So much so that I've now been 3 days in a row 💁🏼

Friday night Trevor, Roy, Jack, Pat and I ate at Ecco Pizzeria, which was amazing except I didn't take any photos as I wanted to switch off and Saturday night we got ice cream at Vitaly after having dinner at ETC Sushi with the Boden crew. 

The ice cream was so good (I got the mint and cherry one + a sample of every flavour lol) that we came back the next day to eat brunch.

The menu really highlights the Italian cuisine, and even though I was salivating over the Lasagna, Trevor and I ordered the Adriatica Piadina and the Monte Tiffi Cassone. It wasn't exactly what we were expecting but it was still good nonetheless. I think next time we go we will definitely order their Lasagna Alla Bolognese and Fettuccine as they are known for their hand-made pastas.

What I love about The Camp is the super chilled, laid back vibe and that there are various little nooks and hideaways which you can escape to. They also have live musicians playing on weekends and a few hammocks and fire pits to relax by.

We even stumbled across this little succulent shop inside a cool airstream trailer! Totally going to buy some plants and crystals when I come back to LA next.

After we ate and wandered around some more of The Camp, we crossed the road and explored The Lab, which is another trendy, indoor-outdoor place which reminded me of Newtown. The Lab stands for “Little American Business” and offers various cafes and vintage shops which I hope to explore more of soon.

We did a quick walk around the complex and went into the Pop Bar where I got a pineapple sorbet topped with dark chocolate and shredded coconut. It was super refreshing and the perfect afternoon treat before Trevor and I shot Garret's E30 (P.S. stay tuned for the full feature soon!)

I've got a huge list of amazing cafes saved on my phone and I am slowly ticking each one off one by one. It's not often that I ever have an appetite with my unfortunate stomach issues, but I do plan on trying each cafe out and blogging about them. So stay tuned and let me know if you have any recommendations!