Malibu Wine Safari

After spending 24 hours at the beautiful Bacara Resort and Spa, I had two more surprises left for Trevor's birthday. Which involved meeting a famous Giraffe, and drinking copious glasses of wine! πŸ™‹πŸΌ

Those that know Trevor, know how obsessed he is with giraffe's (I mean c'mon, he even has a giraffe shirt) so when I discovered that the Malibu Wine Safari was on the way home from our road trip, I got us some tickets.

But before Trevor knew we were to meet his favourite tall, spotted animal, I had to somehow surprise him, so the plan was to drive south, making a stop by the beach in Malibu to check out the coastlines before switching drivers so I could take him up to the safari.


By this stage I had no idea how to actually surprise him (even though I had this booked months in advance), I just knew we had to get to the safari by 3:30PM.


With an hour to kill, I told Trevor how I really wanted to drive up Mulholland Highway as I had never experienced it, but secretly I just used it as an excuse to get to the safari since it's at the top of the hill. 

The entire journey practically consisted of me laughing about how I was going to surprise him, but I think he pretty much knew - I mean he already had his giraffe shirt on stand-by, and he knew that the safari was somewhere up the hill. Pretty sure I suck at surprises πŸ™ˆ

When we arrived at the 1000 acre vineyard we walked into the little barn house and checked in before jumping into our safari truck with a group of people, and meeting our hilarious tour guides, Wes and Kristiana.

We had no idea what was to come, we just knew it involved meeting a few funny animals, whilst tasting the Malibu wines.


The first stop of the safari saw us tasting 3 glasses of white wines, which were all amazing but I was really hanging to try their reds.


After exploring around a little, we then hopped back on the truck and headed towards the llamas, horses and zebras.

All the animals were sooo funny, and it was hilarious trying to take selfies with them all.


Then it was finally time to meet Stanley! 

You may remember him from the Hangover 3!

After feeding Stanley some greens whilst taking a million photos, we waved our goodbye's before hopping back on the safari truck, and heading towards our final stop.


This was probably my favourite part of the safari because it was red wine time! 🍷


The wine was that good that we decided to buy a bottle of their merlot to take home. 


I was actually surprised at how much Trevor and I enjoyed ourselves and how hilarious our tour guides were. We've never done wine tasting before, or been on a safari, but it was so much fun and I highly recommend you visit if you're ever in town and up for a unique experience. It will definitely be a day that we will never forget!