Rad R8

After the RWB Santa Ana build, I crashed my house mate's photoshoot with Page Rad's beautiful Audi R8 V10+.

Alex, Trevor and I met up with Page just before sunset where we captured the below shots in Newport.

This R8 is without a doubt one of my favorite cars completed by Boden Autohaus.  Who else likes it?


All photos were edited using the bonus preset that is included in the Stay Driven variety bundle pack. 

Presets are a way to apply a unique touch to a photograph and to take your work to the next level. I am a strong believer, that style should be shaped through personal preferences and past experiences. The key component to style is its transformation and fluidity. 

The presets that I have created below are what I use on a daily basis, and they will help you to understand the way I use Lightroom to achieve the "tones" that define my photographic character.