Targa Trophy - San Diego

Despite having just 4 hours of sleep the night before (we were supposed to have an 'early one' but ended up having dinner at Sapphire Laguna with friends, followed by too many glasses of wine) Trevor and I were tired to say the least, but ready to make our way down to San Diego for the 6th annual Targa Trophy event. After being stuck in LA traffic for over an hour, we finally made it to the Porsche dealership (which had the most beautiful showroom I have ever seen!) where the start of the rally would be taking place.

Although we were sadly not taking part in the actual rally, it was still an awesome event and I got to finally meet @nataliejemini! Natalie just moved from Florida over to San Diego this past month so it's nice to have another female enthusiast close by, and I can't wait to shoot her car soon! After the rally began Natalie and her boyfriend Fern were kind enough to show Trevor and I around La Jolla. We grabbed lunch at Harry's then watched the seals down by the beach before venturing up to the top of Mount Soledad in Fern's GTR. The view from up there was insane!

As always I hope you enjoy my coverage and hopefully next time I'll be able to go on the rally!