US TRIP: Lake Tahoe PART 2

As soon as Trevor and I finished lunch at the Lone Eagle Grille, we planned to meet up with Chris @cfeulner and Anthony from @audizine and @porschezine to have some fun in the new Macan GTS!

By the time we got into our car and hit the road, it was snowing so heavy that it caused incredible delays on the roads, and put us at a stand still for around an hour.

And whilst every car around us had chains on their wheels, we decided to risk it and pray our little c-class got us to Chris' safely....

Which it did.... despite all the looks we were getting by the locals for not having chains 🀘

BTW how cool is his A-frame house! I would love to have a little getaway house like this in the middle of no where one day!

We then explored a little around Donner Lake and it was sooooo cold that I even had to bring the hotel blanky out with me!

After exploring we met up with Anthony who brought out the new @porschezine Macan GTS.

We drove up some incredible bends around Skislope Way in Truckee, where Trevor captured the above shots out the back of Chris' truck.

It was so much fun, and the Macan looked amazing in the snow, but it was way too cold!


After we got content of the Macan GTS (BTW you can watch the cool video that Chris from @activefilms put together here), we then decided to explore more of the mountains.

And Chris showed us the roads which he closed off to shoot his Huracan for the Fire and Ice video by @abandonvisuals!

BTW you haveeeeee to watch the video they created:

Seriously how insane is that?! They closed off the Old 40 road and shot this on the RED HELIUM 8K S35! And it was all just a passion project too! I remember sitting in the office at work, watching the BTS on their IG story when they were filming, and basically crying because I wanted to be there so bad haha! Let's hope there is a part 2!

I could not get over how beautiful this place was. These are truly the types of roads I dream of driving on one day.

The next day we sadly had to say goodbye to Lake Tahoe, and head back down to LA. So before we begun our super long drive, we decided to check out some of the architecture in Incline Village.

Incline Village is named for the Great Incline Tramway, built by loggers in the late 1870's. Today, Incline is where some of the world’s wealthiest people have built stunning mountain retreats. 

The second Trevor and I spotted this beautiful home and saw that it was the only new, modern one on the block, we couldn't help but stop and take a million photos.

We were both so drawn to this home, that we could have spent hours admiring it! I really love how the facade has various materials and dark tones used, and I would love to see what the interior is like.

DSC09900 2-Edit-1.jpg

After we fantasised of one day owning a home like this, we hopped back in the car and begun our road trip down to LA. 

We took various pit stops along the way, and even stopped to have lunch with Trevor's mum at Mikuni Sushi before reaching our final destination.

Which means that this sadly concludes my US TRIP series for now, however I will be flying back to LA at the end of April which I am so excited about! And I will be releasing a few more blog posts from some of the cars I shot at Boden Autohaus, so stay tuned for that!

This entire road trip was literally perfect, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have spent it with Trevor. We both had no expectations, both decided to wing it the whole trip, and just see where the road took us, and I can't wait to see where it will take us both next!