US TRIP: The Real Reason I Went to LA...

After waiting for what seemed like forever, I finally ventured over to America for the first time! The plan was to take some much needed time off, explore LA, go on an epic road trip, and check out the XS Car Night Event at Long Beach.

But the real reason I went over to America, was to meet Trevor for the first time 🙈 *blushes and runs away*

Trevor works at Boden Autohaus, and I remember following him on Instagram (@trevorfromwherever) over a year or two ago, where I instantly fell in love with his work. I even featured him as part of my favourite automotive photographers last year, and I guess you could say I was crushing....

But I hardly knew a thing about him or what he did. I was curious as hell, but things were kept pretty low key for quite some time. There was the odd like/comment on each others photos, a few screenshots on snapchat here and there, we even sent each other merchandise and silly notes, but nothing was serious until over 6-7 months ago...

Long story short, we started talking and discovered that we were both single and how similar and weird we both were. It was crazy how much the two of us had in common, that I couldn't even believe that he was real. And after talking non-stop for several months whilst getting used to the different time zones (sorry for keeping you awake every night T), I decided to take a risk, be spontaneous and book myself some flights to go meet him. 

Of course I was nervous as hell to meet him in person for the first time, but after months had passed, and it was finally time for him to pick me up from the airport, it was as though we had already been together forever. #cheese

I had been single for over 2 years, as I worked on bettering myself and starting my own business, and I had faith that when the time was right, I would meet someone special. After being stuffed around in the past and closing everyone out, I felt so comfortable with Trevor that I was ready to take a leap and let him into my life.

And the best part was that during the entire process of getting to know Trevor and leading up to catching my flight, I never not once had any doubts about the entire situation, which blows my mind. As cringe-worthy as it sounds, it was as though everything was meant to be, and I finally got what I deserved.

The entire trip to America was beyond perfect, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have met Trevor! Life works in the craziest of ways, and sometimes it is worth taking a big leap, even if it means catching a 15 hour flight across the world 😅

I cannot wait to share all the content that we both created, so stay tuned as I take you through a series of blog posts from our journey through LA, Monterey, San Francisco, and Lake Tahoe.