US TRIP: San Fransisco

After our quick trip to Monterey, Trevor and I made our way up to San Francisco

We arrived just before sunset, where we stayed in Union Square - the central hub of the city. 


I had no idea what the city was about, and had done no prior research, but Trevor had been to San Fran several times in the past, and knew his way around. I soon learnt how similar it was to Sydney and Melbourne CBD. It was filled with tall office buildings, and everyone seemed to be in a hurry. 

The weather was super gloomy and overcast, which was perfect for some street photography, and I couldn't get over how beautiful the architecture was. 

Unfortunately my camera was still experiencing issues (grrrr) so all these photos were taken by Trevor and edited using my Lightroom presets. I mainly used the 'Stay Chilled' presets to create cool tones to the images, and the one below is edited with the 'grainy' effect :)

After exploring around town, we were super tired (and cold) so we decided to have an early night and wake up early to explore the city in the morning. Plus I desperately needed to go shopping to buy warmer clothes haha!

After I spent all my money at Zara (first time shopping there, and I went all out haha) we then headed to the Golden Gate Bridge, which I was so excited to see, but super bummed that I couldn't take any photos on my camera :'( Lucky Trevor knows how to photo. I absolutely adore all the shots he got! *crushing*

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks, as well as an impressive piece of engineering art. Trevor and I are hoping to walk it next time!

We then went to Wholefoods (my new favourite place) and bought a bunch of picnic supplies so we could have our first ever picnic together whilst watching the sunset. We found a secluded place away from tourists and away from the wind. FYI - San Fran is incredibly windy, so always bring a jacket!

The sunset was honestly so perfect and it was so nice to just switch off and be present in the moment. There's just something about getting away and finding the perfect hideaway, where no one can see you and you can listen to the ocean waves crashing. Pure silence. And it's even better when you spend it with someone you love.

The amount of Snapchats Trevor and I had sent of sunsets in the past, when I was in Sydney and he was in LA.... it was really nice to finally watch one together.

As the temperatures dropped and the sun descended into the horizon, we headed back to our car and went down to Hawk Hill for a quick drive. 

By nightfall we decided to head towards Napa Valley and find a hotel to crash for the night, before making our way to Sacramento the next day. For the short amount of time that we spent in San Fran, I found it to be such a beautiful place and hope to visit again soon.

Stay tuned for my next post which shares our journey to Lake Tahoe!






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