When I was planning my trip to the US, I wanted to be able to attend a car meet and see what the car scene was like over in America. I heard that the XS Car Night meet was an event not to be missed, so when I booked my tickets, I made sure I arrived a few days prior so I wouldn't be super jet lagged for the event.

When I arrived in LA, I headed straight to Boden Autohaus to see what cars they were bringing to the event. Most of you would be familiar with the Boden R8 pictured above, and it was definitely a car I couldn't wait to photograph when I got to LA. The car is now rocking a nice new set of mesh style Rotiform's, and looks soooo good once aired out.  

I was lucky enough to passenger in the blue R8 with Trevor driving, as we followed the rest of the Boden squad to the event in Long Beach....

I think the best part about going to events is always the journey to the destination. It was my first time in a car on the wrong side of the road (in Australia we drive on the opposite side to America), which took some getting used to, but it was definitely a highlight and an experience I will never forget. And it was crazy to see all the people stopping and staring as our convoy rolled through each city.


As we pulled into the event, there were already a bunch of cars setting up and circling around a lighthouse built right at the centre of Shoreline Park. 

Being an event run by German's, you would think the event was full of Euro cars, but there were also a mix of JDM cars too, which was nice to see! I also go to see the LA RWB's for the first time, and I finally got to meet @RWBmedusa and @jonsibal which was super cool!

Probably one of my favourite cars at the event was @norcal_lowlife's bagged R8 by Boden Autohaus. The car is fitted with a Vorsteiner kit and on Accuair suspension, with a set of Rotiform's, and I can't get over how good the wing looks!

Another favourite was @ykk_kyy's Aventador. I think I have a thing for silver cars at the moment!


During the event, I finally got to meet Ashton who has been a supporter of Stay Driven from the beginning. She has the biggest heart, and it was so nice to have the opportunity to meet her in person. She was even rocking my original Stay Driven T-shirt which was cool to see!

I also got to meet Trevor's dog Italia for the first time! This dog is sooooo funny and I can't wait to take her for lots of walkies when I return to LA.

After the sun set below the horizon, the third annual XS Car Night event came to an end. The location was perfect, and every car had it’s own unique look, with each one showing the best that Southern California has to offer. It was certainly an enjoyable event that gave me a snippet of what the car scene in America was like, and I can't wait for more events like this!

Make sure you watch the highlights from the event via the videos below, and stay tuned for my next blog post where Trevor and I begin our road trip up the coast of LA.