The Road To Big Sur

Now that more of HWY 1 has re-opened, Trevor and I were finally able to make it down to Big Sur.

Big Sur is located around 20 miles south of Carmel and its magic lies in its untamed wilderness: redwood groves, chaparral-covered hills, and iconic rocky cliffs that sprout improbably from the ocean. 


We took Nissan's new LEAF along the highway, where we stopped on numerous occasions...

We first made a stop around the famous Bixby Bridge, which we've actually been to a few times now. This bridge is arguably the most iconic spot in Central California, and you've probably recognized it from a few automotive commercials too. Can you beleive it was built in 1932?!

Photo 13-3-18, 4 51 19 pm.jpg

Along the way we met up with another photographer friend, Brandon, who was making his way down to SoCal from San Francisco, and helped snap a few shots of Trevor and I.


With plenty of range still left on the LEAF, we then made our way down to McWay Falls. This incredible waterfall tumbles down to a beautiful, serene cove from the cliffs above, and when the tide is high, the tumbling water falls directly into the ocean, making it a dream photo spot for many.

If you want the waterfall to yourself, then I suggest you come during the week in the early morning or late afternoon. This is when there are less crowds, and the lighting is perfect. The best view of the fall is at the north end of the path, and we were incredibly lucky to be the only two there when we visited.

ABE1_LEAF_Big_Sur-6 copy.jpg

This beautiful, coastal road is such a dream to drive on so make sure you take your time when driving... Both to drive safely and for stops at overlooks, where you can watch tendrils of fog drifting into the redwood canyons and sometimes a few dolphins and whales!

For many, the isolation and peace and quiet that Big Sur offers is the reason to return again and again, and I cannot wait to come back in the Summertime. Who knows what car we will be in next!