Electric Adventures w/ Hyundai

We partnered with Hyundai to spend the day learning about their new electric cars; the Kona EV and the NEXO Fuel Cell.

Our journey began at the Sunset Marquis Hotel where we collected the cars to embark on an electric adventure through the city of Los Angeles. Out of the two cars we drove, the copper NEXO was my favorite, not only for its sleek design, but because of its advanced technology, such as remote smart parking assist, lane following assist, and advanced driver assist.

Inspired by nature, NEXO's only emission is water. This 4th generation of Hyundai's fuel-cell technology vehicle, arrives next year, the result of 20 years of development. Hyundai believes hydrogen energy is the key to a more sustainable world, and I’m excited to see more of these cars on the road in the future.

Here is where the electric cars took us!