Luft 5

Luftgekühlt... Still a word I cannot pronounce, but one that you most certainly would have heard of. It's undoubtedly the coolest and most awe-inspiring Porsche event of the year, and this time around it was held in a lumber yard in Torrance, CA with approximately 600 Porsches! There is no denying that this was the ultimate playground for enthusiasts of all ages and I was in heaven as soon as I walked through the gates. There is something about the Porsche community that just makes you feel good. Perhaps it is the pure passion and love that each owner has for their car. Maybe one day I will own a 911... 

Anyways, I didn't take too many photos as there were so many people + I wanted to just wander around, get lost, switch off and actually admire as much as I could. Enjoy some quick snaps below taken by Trevor and I x