Our First Collection of Prints!

Both Trevor and I have been dreaming of creating a series of prints with our photographs, however since we are now always on the road, travelling in different states, it was almost impossible to do it all on our own. So when our good friend Ellison Keomaka reached out asking if we wanted to collab, we said hell fucking yeah!

I think every photographer dreams of seeing their photographs hung on a wall, and we cannot wait to see how our first collection of prints looks in your space. Our fine art photographic prints are created to bring a sense of adventure and inspiration into your home or space, and aims to showcase the simplest form of beauty, with the hopes to inspire you to get out and adventure often.

Each metallic acrylic print is signed by the both of us and you can purchase them directly from Ellison’s website keomaka.com. They are available in 3 options/sizes starting from just $30!

We really hope you like them x