VW Treffen Road Trip

I've gone on many road trips in my life but my recent trip with VW for this year's Treffen event was undoubtedly the best. The 10-day long trip started at the Canadian border (we joined half way in San Fransisco) and ended 1,700 miles later at the Mexican border.

We took Highway 1 all the way down the coast (my first time since it's re-opened after the terrible mudslides), where drivers joined to reunite with old friends, meet fellow VW enthusiasts, and generally enjoy all that the coast has to offer.

What made the trip unforgettable was seeing how welcoming everyone was to one another. Not only were there the classic VW buses and beetles, but there were newer, air-cooled cars as well! Everyone got along, had a rad time, and I enjoyed listening to the enthusiast's stories and discovering how passionate they were about Volkswagen.

Hopefully for next years road trip we'll get to test out some of the cars!

A huge thanks to @vw for making this trip possible!