I Sold My R34

On December 24th, I said goodbye to my beloved R34. My first car. ..


As many of you know, I moved to the United States almost 2 years ago now, and sadly, my skyline got left behind whilst I started my new life on the other side of the world. For over a year, my car sat in my parents garage in Sydney, where my Dad gave it the occasional drive to keep things healthy.

I often contemplated getting the car shipped over to the states, and although it is illegal in the US for 7 more years, there are ways around getting here. However, whilst I spent almost 2 years without the car, I became to realise how much I have grown out of it. Surely I missed it and it’s still my fav car and I’ll always call it mine, but times change and TBH it wasn’t worth me stressing over and investing in getting it shipped over here.

And so, when I finally returned to Australia for the month of December, I spontaneously put up a “For Sale” image on my IG story, without thinking much of it. I didn’t think that I would actually sell it before I flew back to the US. I instantly got replies from A LOT of people, but one stood out from the rest. A girl named Ebonee messaged me expressing her interest, so I sent her through some details, and we set a date to meet in person.

First, I had to ensure that my beloved car was going to someone I could trust, so of course I did a little stalk and discovered that not only does she already have an R34, but her entire family has them too! So when I met her I already had a good feeling about the situation. After taking her for a drive in my car, I could see her excitement and knew that I was making the right choice. Whilst I still had to meet up with other people (and got crazy offers for the car) I knew that she was the one lol! Sounds so corny but I really wanted to be confident with this! So one week later, after spending as much time with my car as possible, I sold it the day before Christmas.

Ebonee and her family came out to my parents house to pick the car up, and arrived with quite the convoy! (See iPhone pics below) In pulled her Dad’s midnight purple GTR, and Ebonee’s silver GT which she is now selling since she got her full license!


The entire process went so smoothly and I felt so confident handing over the keys to Ebonee. Not only was she an absolute pleasure to deal with but she was super kind and genuinely excited about the car. I also learnt that she has been a huge “fan” of Stay Driven and even had my TE37SL air freshener in her car!

What also made the process a breeze and gave me more confidence about selling, was learning that Ebonee will be keeping my car as is (I’m sure she will update a few minor things though) and that she will continue to give updates on her Instagram @ebonneee_r34. Additionally, she also said that I am more than welcome to come over to hers when I do make it back to Australia, so I can take it for another drive. So, with that being said, this still isn’t the end, and the “Stay Driven R34” will forever continue. I’m just glad it’s going to get driven!

Ebonee, I hope you enjoy my car! ♡ 

Like A Car, One Should Always Stay Driven
— Jazzabel