4 Year Anniversary

So I have had my R34 for 4 years today and I thought I would round up a few of my favourite photos below!

I honestly cannot believe I have owned this car for such a long time! There are days where I contemplate selling the car and "upgrading" but I just can't part with this car and I am constantly reminding myself how grateful I am and that I already have what I need.

There is a famous stone water basin (or “tsukubai”) outside of the even more famous Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, with four characters that read: “ware tada shiru taru.” This is a Zen saying that can be translated in a number of ways, all to do with contentment. But it basically translates to:

All You Need, You Already Have

And I think it’s such a lovely way of looking at life.

As you sit here reading this blog post, pause and take an assessment of your life right now. Chances are, you have enough food, clothing, shelter, and other basic necessities in your life. You might also have loved ones, people who care about you. You are (mostly) comfortable, without any desperate needs. All you need, you already have.

And yet at times we don’t see life this way… we are constantly dissatisfied, looking for more comfort, more love, more knowledge, more certainty, more possessions, more food, more entertainment, more validation. I do this too — I’m not criticising anyone. We don’t often embody the idea that we already have enough and I certainly don't need to "upgrade".

This car has taken me to some incredible places and has taught me a lot and each time I drive it I feel incredibly grateful. It really means more than just a car to me and it is without a doubt the main thing that keeps me staying driven...

So ask yourself, regularly throughout your day, whether you have all you need. I think you’ll find that you do, and by appreciating that fact more often, you can see what a profound miracle that is. I still don't think I could ever get rid of this car.

BTW, I would love to hear what you guys drive! How long have you owned your car for and where has it taken you? Let me know in the comments below :)