Brookvale Auto Service

I had been meaning to take my car down to Vince's workshop for a few months now but I've just been so incredibly busy with everything that it kept getting rescheduled. Sorry car!

Around the time that I went on my road trip out past the Blue Mountains, I began to notice that the steering became heavy and my car was making a weird fan-like noise that I had never heard before. I wasn't 100% sure where it was coming from or why it was happening, so I saw it as a sign that it was time to get my car checked out.

I've been taking my R34 to Vince at Brookvale Auto Service for about 4 years now and he always does an incredible job. He has been servicing cars for over 12 years now and also happens to own this immaculate R32 GTR, which really caught my attention. So whilst the guys began servicing my car, I ran around and took a few photos.

As you can see, Vince has done a lot of work to his GTR and has managed to keep it in excellent condition, given its age. With the fuel system relocated to the boot, the car runs on flex fuel e85 with a Haltech ECU and a Haltech iQ3 dash. These dashes look so cool and make you feel like you are behind the wheel of a serious race car! Well at least I did when I hopped into the passenger seat :p

Whilst they continued to work on my car, I ran over to the post office to post out some T-shirt and sticker orders and stock up on some envelopes and satchels. As I had some time to kill, I wandered around the new shops at the local mall and couldn't help myself when I walked past the Scrollies pop-up store by the guys at Oregano Bakery. I actually walked past it and snapchatted the place, then kept walking and ended up running back lol. They had 2 for $10 so you know I had to get some! I ended up getting the oreo and fig scroll which I shared with my mum, but I kind of wished that I got the salted caramel one as the fig one was super average ><.

A few hours later Vince rang to inform me that my car was good to go and that they fixed the issue by draining and replacing my power steering fluid. I didn't think that that would have been the issue but when I drove my car out of the workshop and gave it a hit on the way home, my car felt brand new. Seriously how good does it feel after your car has just had a full service!?

If you live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and are after a place that you can trust and a place that does exceptional motor services, be sure to send your car to Vince at Brookvale Auto Service. You don't have to own an import car to take it there as he works on all models and makes - even my mum takes her little Holden Astra there lol!