Stay Driven Look Book

When I started Stay Driven 6 months ago, I never would have thought that the roads that I took would lead me to where I am today. For a very long time I had been dreaming of creating my own t-shirts and putting together a look book that reflected who I was and all the things I am passionate about, but I guess fear, self-doubts and wondering if I was capable enough always stood in my way.

Could I really manage to create something on my own? Do I have the time? Will I be able to handle everything whilst working 3 jobs? Will people even like what I've designed?

Like all human beings, there is that moment where our minds are filled with self-doubts which ultimately crushes our dreams. But ever since I have practiced being mindful, I have managed to quickly diminish all negative thoughts and continue to stay focused so that I can chase my dreams.

Since I launched my website, I would get copious amounts of emails from YOU, my incredible followers, asking when/if I would be releasing my own apparel. This motivated me more than ever and after years of always helping and representing other peoples brands, it was time to do something on my own. So, after months of saving, planning, designing and many sleepless nights, I finally started designing!

The aim was to start out small to see if I could manage everything on my own whilst I worked 3 jobs. I decided to start with 2 t-shirt designs that reflected my style, with a minimalist approach. Like everything at Stay Driven, I design and create everything on my own and along the way I am constantly learning and surprising myself at what I can accomplish. Designing the shirts was quite a challenge as I had no idea what I was doing and I'm a bit of a noob at AI, ID and PS. But I stayed determined, and patient during the process and got there in the end. Plus I learnt so much along the way and managed to conquer many fears and self-doubts.

Whenever I had some down time, I would hit the books and start sketching up concepts then attempt to make the sketches digital. After fiddling around in Illustrator for what seemed forever (like I said, I'm the biggest noob lol) I finally designed something I was happy with and something that I would be proud to wear. I even designed the labels on the inner tags with a cool, fun message to remind those to get out there and drive and to chase their dreams. I then bit the bullet and invested all my savings, found a local t-shirt supplier and got the shirts printed.

Whilst I waited for the shirts to be made, I also started designing thank you cards which would feature a shot of my favourite photo of my R34, taken in Richmond Lowlands on one side, and a personal message and shot of the image on my home page on the other. This again was something I had never done before so I had to teach myself how to create flyers and to find a local supplier who could print them out for me. 

I don't know about you, but I love receiving little thank you cards when I purchase something so I wanted to create something that you could keep on your desk or pinned to your wall, to act as a reminder to stay driven. I really want people who order a sticker or t-shirt from me to feel inspired when they receive their package in the mail and so it was key for me to get these cards made in time, so that I could include them in each order.

With the thank you cards and t-shirts finally ready I decided to finish the project by hitting the road and going on an adventure with my good friend and photographer, Haylee. The aim was to put together my own look book which hopefully inspires people to get out there and drive and I am so happy and excited with how it all turned out! (Stay tuned for my road trip adventure blog post soon) This entire project has been a huge learning curve for me and it has been on my mind non-stop, so much so that I've been waking up at 4AM each morning, thinking everything through and wondering if it will all be worth it.

I really hope you guys enjoy what I have created so without further ado, I bring you my long awaited Stay Driven look book...