What Drives You? Jose Gallina



So I've been obsessed with Jose Gallina's work for a while now - he has such a cool vibe and vintage style which I dig, plus he takes awesome photos and is passionate about all types of machines.

Jose Gallina: Photographer and Motorcycle Enthusiast - Watch Video HERE

After falling in love with his work, I finally got my hands on one of his prints! It's probably one of my all time favourite photos and I can't wait to hang it up in my office. BTW I'm currently putting together a home office tour as I often get asked on snapchat to see more of my setup - it will be up soon so stay tuned for that!

Jose has been shooting for years now and has his own blog, Speed Milk. He definitely knows how to take a beautifully composed photo and always continues to inspire me, so I thought I'd round up a couple of my favourite photos below. I also managed to ask him a few questions for my "What Drives You?" series....

1 | What Drives You?

I've been into machines since before I can remember. I got it from my dad, I'm a car guy but have a very deep passion for motorcycles and at this stage in my life it just makes more sense to own multiple bikes over 1 or 2 cars. One of my favourite bikes is my '66 Harley - It's a chopper with a heavy Japanese influence. I look up to those guys across the board: Fashion, cars, bikes, watches, racing, the way they live, the passion. I ride my '66 Harley almost everyday - It's fun, it has a lot of feeling.

2 | What Motivates You?

This is a funny one because I've been caught saying things like "If it wasn't for cars or bikes I wouldn't work for anything" - and it's been kind of true so far. The want (need) to have the go-fast toys that I lust over keeps me seriously motivated. But that's just one thing, I have a few other motivators that are more personal.

3 | Who Inspires You?

I get inspiration from the weirdest places and people, but if I had to name a few that I think are the most solid and I've thought were rad since I was a grom I'd say Jesse James and Mark Arcenal stand out above most to me. Some other notable mentions and personal friends are: Scott 'T-Bone' Jones (of NOISE Cycles), Sean Klingelhoefer, Len Higa, just a bunch of rulers at what they do.

Make sure you check out his work on the following links and if you're interested in his prints, you can get them from: speedmilk.bigcartel.com