R34 Garage Goals

There is something so seemingly pleasing about a nice car paired with some nice architecture.

It was 6:30am, Monday morning and I had been up since 2am filming a video for Stay Driven with videographer, Daniel Karjadi.  Daniel and I have been brainstorming ideas for a while now and we finally got things underway. With the last scene ending in Palm Beach, I decided to quickly park my R34 in front of one of my favourite homes whilst we waited for the sun to come up.

This house is ridiculously big! And yes this is ONE house and yes that garage (1 of 2) is connected to the house behind it. You actually enter through the garage, then there is an underground entry way up to the main house.

Who else would be happy to just live in the lower garage?!

BTW if you want to watch Daniel's VLOG from the shoot, you can check it out below :)