LA 2 Vegas Rally w/ Targa Trophy

When I got an invite to go on my very first rally to Las Vegas with Targa Trophy, I was a little hesitant in saying yes, as admittedly Vegas was the last place I wanted to be going to. But with no arranged plans for the weekend, I was up for an adventure and a change of scenery.

And so, Saturday morning came and Trevor and I embarked on our very first rally together.

We arrived early at the starting point at McKenna Porsche for the 6th annual Targa Trophy rally, and caught up with some of the Boden customers.

Once everyone had checked in, had their drivers briefing and got the route for the rally, we all left the starting point and headed through the mountains towards the desert.


Trevor and I both took turns in driving as well as hanging out the window to get some rolling shots. 

The landscapes were so diverse and felt as though we were driving on another planet.

Late afternoon we reached one of the check points at Slash X Cafe, allowing us to all re-group and stretch our legs.


We then reached the big thermometer which read over 100 degrees. It was way too hot and uncomfortable for me so I kept inside our car blasting the A/C.

We then completed the last leg of the rally before finishing at Top Golf in Vegas.

Since Trevor and I don't really party, we decided to go to Kaizen Fusion Roll & Sushi and it was without a doubt one of the best sushi restaurants I have ever been to. Definitely check it out if you're ever in town and after some yummy Japanese food.

As we had both been up since 4AM, we decided to have an early night whilst everyone went out and partied. To me, there is no better feeling than waking up feeling fresh when you're about to embark on a day long road trip!

Stay tuned for our journey back to Newport Beach in the next post!