As I'm always on the hunt for the best brunch spots in LA, the second Trevor and I stumbled across this hidden little gem called Habana whilst exploring The Lab last week, I knew I had to check it out before I flew back to Sydney.

And after stalking them on Instagram (whilst salivating and taking a million screenshots) I saw the words: Bunch. Every. Sunday.

With just one Sunday remaining in LA, I instantly reserved a table for Trevor and I so we could stuff ourselves silly.

Now some think breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the rest of us know that brunch really takes superiority, and theres nothing better than when a restaurant has a dedicated brunch menu. Especially when it's a lavish, all you can eat Cuban and Latin inspired buffet.

Since the venue was buzzing when we first walked past the week before, we made sure that we got there early to try and miss the crowds. Pro Tip: braving the parking lot at The LAB or The CAMP during peak hour would not be the best idea, so make sure you get in early or be prepared to wait.

Upon arrival the lovely staff greeted us in, as the live musicians started setting the vibe. Even though we got there early, and they were still setting everything up, the atmosphere was vibrant and buzzing, and we couldn't wait to see what was in store for us.

As we ventured through the interior then out to their jungle-like patio where we were to be seated, we got a glimpse of the amount of food that was on offer, and we were overwhelmed to say the least! 

Not knowing where to start, I grabbed a plate and frantically started piling on the sweet stuff... 

I've been a huge sucker for croissants and waffles lately, and these bad boys were deadly... in a good way!

Along with the sweet stuff I also got one of their coconut waters (optional with a shot of rum πŸ’ƒπŸΌ) and some pog juice, which was probably the best juice I've had since being in LA! 

After I demolished my first plate, I made my way back to the buffet (although I should have probably had a breather after all that sugar) and filled my second plate with of some paella, banana chips, chicken empanadas and a mix of other Cuban and Latin inspired dishes, before getting a third plate, consisting of their incredible seafood, and fresh fruit.


By this stage I definitely should have had a break, but the food was just way too good, and I wanted to try as much as possible. Which leads me to my fourth and final plate... I promise it's the last one!

After seeing that the waiters had just placed fresh pastries and a key lime pie on the table, I couldn't resist the temptation and had to end the feast the way I started it... With something sweet.

The food, venue, music and overall vibe left me smiling from ear to ear! It was hands down the best brunch I have ever had and the perfect way to spend my last day before my 15-hour flight back to Sydney.


Until next time LA! ✌️ 


BTW if you're ever visiting Boden Autohaus, Habana is literally 5 minutes down the road so make sure you visit if you're in the area!


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