SEMA Adventures w/ Turtle Wax

I can safely say that SEMA is without a doubt, the most overwhelming car event that I have ever been to, and I mean that in a good way. 

When Trevor and I got an invite from Turtle Wax to create content throughout the week of SEMA, I was nervous but excited at the same time. The last time I went to an event of that size was for Tokyo Auto Salon in 2015, so I sort of knew what to expect (a lot of crazy cars and enormous crowds), and I couldn't wait to see how the American's did things!

Day one involved in a lot of activities and first up we were invited along to the VORE Adrenaline Compound where a bunch of us got to drive big trucks around the dirt track in the middle of nowhere. 


We got to meet with another fellow Shine Squad member, Sam Hurley (that super tall guy with the camera pictured above) and then we were all introduced to the Turtle Wax team who gave us some demonstrations on their new products for 2018. 

After getting a whiff of the yellow tropical-infused Carnauba Wash, I know it's going to be my new favorite product. It smells so good!


We then all made our way to the convention center where SEMA was held, but first we had to make a quick pit stop at our favorite sushi place in Vegas called Kaizen Sushi.

Pro Tip: Make sure you get the 'Screaming O' salad! The sauce I'm telling you is urghuebjhfcafhbekrfnwekfdabfcms sofuckingamazing, and yes I ordered it twice, and yes I licked the plate clean! #noshame

After smashing some sushi, Trevor and I made our way into the event.


There were so many different halls (yes they have a hall just for wheels), with incredible builds from all around the world, but my favorite place was the outside Toyo Tires Treadpass section. I couldn't get over this gorgeous 911!


Another favorite was this old school, two-toned DR30 on gold Enkei RPF1's belonging to @jestersgarage,  as it reminded me of my skyline back home in Australia. 

BTW how cool is this video on the car by Petrolicious!? We actually drove those roads on the way home from SEMA (photos to come soon)

We then spotted an Italia (our dog) look-a-like posing with some models, just before we spotted her in the latest Turtle Wax catalogue. I can't get over how ratty she looks! So funny!

After we wondered around the various halls placing little blow-up turtles everywhere (mainly on Scotty's Lexus) we made it outside for the sunset, and final parade.


I was lucky enough to roll out in this maroon, widebody S63 AMG coupe which just got shipped over from Germany a few weeks ago! (Stay tuned for a full photoset coming soon!)

And as the sun set behind the buildings, we then met up with Zach AKA Zwing to shoot his BMW along the strip of Las Vegas.


Sadly we didn't have much time to shoot his car but I have a good feeling we'll be linking up again soon! Perhaps I'll do a visit to Seattle next year!

After Zach left sideways, we then headed to an event held by Brixton Forged at the MGM. Check out their blog for all the event photos taken by Trevor <3