Duck & Whale Magazine Issue #2

The latest issue of Duck and Whale Magazine went on sale today! 

And as I was flicking through, I spotted my Stay Driven stickers on Chern's RWB! Such a cool feeling argh, I am so stoked!

Also stoked about owning the first two issues of Duck and Whale. I've been wanting some new and inspiring reading material lately and there is something irreplaceable about a beautifully produced print publication.

I spend A LOT of time in front of the computer and nothing beats being able to switch off, jumping on the couch and holding the magazine in your hands. 

To me, print is important and always will be. It’s that physical manifestation of a brand or lifestyle or individual that makes you feel truly connected to and engaged with the content.  I love the feeling of turning pages, feeling the textures of paper between my fingers, and falling into the rabbit hole when I find a magazine or book with beautiful photos, illustrations, and well written articles. 

And after quickly flicking through the Duck and Whale magazine, and seeing the high quality images, I know I am in for a treat.

Which reminds me, I've got some reading to do, so time to switch off! 

Make sure you grab a copy from the newsagents or subscribe online!