When I first learnt that Rennsport would be returning to Sydney whilst reading the latest issue of Duck and Whale, I knew that this would be an unmissable Porsche event. I've become more increasingly drawn to Porsches ever since I witnessed the RWB builds in both Australia and New Zealand, and must confess I've been looking at purchasing my own 911 as a project car - I just wish I got in before the prices shot up. 

For now I'll continue admiring them through my lens...

I wasn't at the event for too long but managed to meet Magnus Walker which was pretty cool! I love his passion and the whole #getoutanddrive movement. It's very much on par with what I've created for Stay Driven, where I hope to inspire and encourage others to keep not only their cars driven, but themselves driven. 

Whilst I was in the pits admiring the twin-turbo 935-77 and the LMP1-98 (both winners of Le Mans) the driver of the 935 came up and asked if I wanted to sit in the drivers seat so he could take some photos. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face and it was crazy cool to be able to sit behind the wheel of such an iconic car. Two quick minutes later and the car was back out on the track, racing around Sydney Motorsport Park.

Unfortunately I didn't take too many photos as I was drooling at all the cars standing before me and catching up with friends, but hopefully Rennsport will make a return next year!

Who else has a crazy Porsche passion, and what's your favourite model?