RWB Australia Build #2 Part 3

Whilst the birth of RWB #2 took place, Chern brought his pale pink RWB named Southern Cross (or 'SoCro' for short) to the workshop.

My last encounter with this RWB was back at Rennsport in April when Chern drove it all the way up to Sydney. At the time, I did not take any photos of his car (I prefer to shoot cars on their own, without huge crowds swarming them) and so I took this as an opportunity to get some new photos.

The overcast skies provided the perfect lighting for his widebody 930, but with Melbourne's rather temperamental weather, the second I got my camera out, it began to rain...

But the rain did not stop me, I just moved under cover where I then saw it as a cool opportunity to grab a short video. The rain produced the perfect, moody backdrop and showcased the car beautifully. 

Filming is definitely something I want to get into more, as I love sharing my adventures with you so I'm going to try and put together more videos in the future. 

The car then moved inside where I captured a few more photos of it with the LED sign that Lance Streeter made.

I then spotted this sweet render by Claudio Capozzi from Capozzi Designs! I would love to get something like this for my home office!

It was then time for the meet and greet with Nakai-san. The roller doors opened at 12pm and in rolled the crowds. We were so surprised and stoked at how big the turnout ended up! After taking a few photos for people, and introducing them to Nakai-san, I headed outside to see if there were any cool cars worth photographing...

Straight away I saw a few cars that caught my eye. This is probably one of my all time favourite photos that I captured even though it is so simple. I don't know why but I love how clear the droplets of rain look against this gorgeous colour. It is reminiscent to the photo I took from my RWB New Zealand trip!

Another car that caught my eye was George AKA Cheshire Cat's red 911 RSi who I had a good chat with. 

After learning about his car, I asked if we could take it for a quick spin down the road so that I could capture some photos of it in the afternoon light. I found a cool industrial building and 10 minutes later, I had all the shots I needed, so we headed back to the workshop.

When we returned, I peeped through the side mirror to spot Ray's immaculate E30

You guys really seemed to dig this E30 on Fifteen52 wheels when it appeared on my Snapchat. 

Ray also owns this neat M3 which sits on a wide set (18x13 at the front and 18x11.5 at the rear) of Work Meister wheels. 

I then spotted this first gen GTR on semi-slicks next to an incredible looking 911 Turbo.

Then I made my way around the carpark to find this crazily-wide rocket bunny RX7.

Not sure who it belongs to, but I'm loving the styling and especially the wheel choice! 

After running around outside, I made my way back into the workshop where I got to meet a bunch of you guys! I even spotted someone wearing my Stay Driven T-Shirt for the first time! Thanks Tyler! It's such a cool feeling to see something you have put everything into, being worn in public.

I'll be re-stocking these shirts soon as I only have size S left, so stay tuned!

A few of you also got some photos with me which was cool! I am typically shy and like to keep to myself when I am out, (I can get super socially awkward lol) but I'm really trying to get over my fears by being more open and learning to hold proper conversations instead of freaking out lol. I don't know why it is, but I just lose all confidence when I am out and tend to doubt myself way too much, but I'm sure in due time I will get over it! Plus I really enjoy meeting and getting to know you guys, so if you do ever see me at an event, please come up and say hi! 

As the event wrapped up, I managed to spot one of my Stay Driven stickers on Nakai-san's case :O It will be cool to see if it's still on his case the next time I see him. I also received this epic plate from Lance, which I am obsessed with! It is an exact copy of my 滞在ドリブン sticker!

The crowds slowly disappeared which meant alone time with the cars...

Stay tuned for Part 4 which features taking the cars out for a drive!