Porsches & Coffee

You simply can't deny it: there is nothing better than waking up early on a Sunday morning, going to the beach and being surrounded by Porsches, and people who have an appreciation for them. 

For those that were game for the early morning wake up call, Autohaus Hamilton put on a spectacular Porsches & Coffee event on the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney.


It was the ultimate location, and Sergio from Autohaus Hamilton's was lucky enough to secure a spot right outside The Boathouse in Palm Beach.

And despite the sweltering heat and mass of flies sticking to everyones backs (everyone was doing the wacky inflatable man), the atmosphere was buzzing - literally!

There were Porsches of all makes, and people of all ages enjoying the cars on display.

And the one Porsche that really caught my eye (it was hard not to) was this vibrant GT3 RS in lava orange. The colour really pops when it's placed by the water, and you can't help but want to jump in and take it for a quick hot lap.

Porsche love <3

Probably my favourite air-cooled Porsche from the event. The OTLW 930 Turbo. I wish I got more photos of it. The owner has probably the coolest garage that I have ever seen!

Another favourite was this 911T which had just been freshly restored by Exclusive Body Works, and was in absolute pristine condition.

And it's not every day that you see a 964 Speedster! This thing was cool!

A few lambo's also showed up. I really liked the aluminium wrap on the Huracan. 

Considering the amount of people who turned up for the event and how busy it was, we were lucky to grab a table at The Boathouse after checking out all the cars. 

 I ordered a fresh OJ, and a feta, tomato and avocado toast (which was huge!) + a side of poached egg. 

I've been to The Boathouse a few times, and the food there never disappoints + the beach-side styling is to die for! It certainly was nice to be able to sit back and relax by the water after admiring all the cars.

A huge thanks to Sergio and Claudio for putting on a fantastic event. It was really refreshing to see such a vast array of Porsches staying driven! 

P.S. Stay tuned for my next post which includes all the photos I got of my skyline with the sunrise, and why I enjoy waking up so early...